Ingredients of Zytek XL

This supplement is said to work by increasing testosterone levels, libido and sex drive. It makes the user be able to achieve firmer and harder erections, as advertised. But what ingredients are responsible for increasing stamina and energy? The first active ingredient in the supplement is L-Arginine, which is an herb that is considered to be useful in the treatment of sexual issues in men. The problem is that there is lack of clinical evidence to approve the effects and safety of this compound. Another active ingredient in Zytek XL is Eurycoma Longifolia Extract that is said to improve the male sexual performance and to provide more powerful erections. reports that there is lack of evidence for its effectiveness for patients with low testosterone, low interest in sex, and problems achieving an erection. Besides, this compound may cause a number of adverse reactions. Tribulus Terrestris Extract is also associated with many side effects; however, it is also believed to be helpful in improving your erections and enhancing your sexual urge. But can you really enjoy your sexual life while experiencing adverse reactions? Muira puama Extract was added to the supplement due to its aphrodisiac properties, as well as the ability to increase the occurrence of sexual fantasies and the chance of getting involved in sexual activities. Finally, Saw Palmetto Extract fights problems with prostate. It is also believed to increase your energy levels, libido and stamina. It has not been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels though.

It seems that some ingredients in Zytek XL are quite effective, but the supplement's label does not indicate the dosages of each of the components. It means that there is risk of experiencing side effects if these substances are used in too high amounts. On the other hand, the product may not show any effectiveness if the ingredients are added in too small dosages. According to, the Natural Medicine Database, and WebMD's summary, many of these components lack clinical evidence for their safety. Let us take a look at potential dangers carried by the product.

Where To Buy Zytek XL?

One of the ways to buy the supplement is through the company's 14-day trial. You will need to pay $3.86 for the shipping. You will get a full 30-day supply. In case if you don't like the product return it to the company within 14 days, otherwise you will be charged the full price of the bottle ($89.99) and automatically enrolled in an autoship program. You will receive a new bottle of ZytekXL on a monthly and charged $89.99 every time. Thus, you are highly recommended to call the customer support to cancel the program. Many customers experience difficulties cancelling the shipments. The customer support department can be contacted at (855) 631-7191.