Ingredients of Proshred Testo

This product is made with natural ingredients blended in such a way as to improve sexual health, as the manufacturer says online. The official website does not provide the full ingredient list, which is the first red flag. These are the results of our own research. The formula features the following ingredients. Zinc Oxide is believed to possess aphrodisiac effects and to be able to increase man's fertility. It also promises to promote sexual stamina, fight erectile dysfunction, and enhance libido and endurance. This ingredient is expected to enhance your performance in the gym and to strengthen your bones. It intends to reduce your exhaustion and to decrease your rest time after a workout. However, there is lack of evidence showing that this supplement can manage your poor libido and erections. Besides, it may cause a number of side effects.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is claimed to increase nitric oxide levels, which can improve the blood flow to the intimate organs. It also relieves muscle pain and promotes muscle recovery. This amino acid is believed to be able to boost the protein synthesis in your body supplying more oxygen to your blood vessels. It means reduced muscle pain and more relaxed muscles after a workout. L-arginine can be associated with certain side effects that will be discussed further. Saw Palmetto is said not only to make your body and mind stronger but also to boost your penis size. It may help you to perform your sexual session up to the highest standard. More evidence is required to rate the effectiveness of this compound for these uses. Besides, Saw Palmetto may lead to some side effects. Boron is considered to stimulate testosterone production, to enhance body growth and improve body immunity and physical performance. Other Ingredients in Proshred Testo include Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, and L-Taurine.

Where To Buy Proshred Testo?

In order to buy this product you can go to the official website and order it directly from the manufacturer via a free trial offer. It means that you are expected to pay for the shipping only. But soon you will probably be disappointed since the company tends to charge a full cost of the product within 14 days of your ordering it. This is dishonest managing policy. There is no cost listed on the official website, which is another red flag.