Ingredients of Neuphoric

The manufacturer of the product does not care too much as to give detailed information on the ingredients of Neuphoric. They only go on claiming how effective this skincare product is. But I never believe void claims not backed up by any evidence. Ordering a cream online, you need to know at least whether it is natural or not. However, the manufacturer of Neuphoric does not even provide a full ingredient list. So, I had to make my own thorough research of the ingredients in this cream and this is what I have found.

Ceramide Complex is the first compound contained in the product. In general, Ceramide is a group of waxy substances which can be naturally found in the human skin. It is responsible for retaining moisture in the skin by creating a protective layer on its surface. Ceramide complex can really moisturize the skin, however, it can hardly replace natural ceramide produced by the skin. Another ingredient is Retinyl Palmitate which promotes the creation of new cells. This process is expected to rejuvenate the look of the skin.

Rosemary Extract is an herbal component which belongs to the mint family and is known for containing a number of important minerals including iron and calcium. Due to these minerals your skin is promised to look glowing and feel soft. Balm Mint Extract is a natural antioxidant of mint variety. It can be beneficial for oily skin as it helps to remove oil from the surface of the skin, but it can dry the skin which is already not well-moisturized. Besides, any antioxidants are believed to protect the skin from free radical damage.

The cream also contains a natural antibacterial agent called Phytosphingosine which controls the production of lipids in the outer layer of the skin. It also reduces acne and promotes moisturizing of the skin. According to unchecked data, this compound slows down the process of cell dying and prolongs the lifespan of skin cells. Aloe Vera is a soothing plant component which addresses cell damage. It also possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties for additional skin beauty. Vitamin C is another antioxidant in the cream that is said to protect the skin from free radical damage. It also improves the look of the skin. There are also some face-firming peptides but there is no detailed information about these substances. Probably they are supposed to firm the skin and to make it look younger.

As you can see, most of the ingredients in Neuphoric are natural. However, there is no guarantee that these are all the components, as the manufacturer doesn't provide the full ingredient list online. There is high risk that this cream contains artificial and even harmful compounds. Besides, there is no information about the dosages of these ingredients. So, no one can say for sure whether the cream is effective or not.

Where To Buy Neuphoric?

In order to get Neuphoric skin cream, you will need to go to their official website. You will need to fill in an order form with your personal information. Beware because they are going to offer you a 14-day trial program, but in reality, you will be charged the full cost of the product ($90 per bottle).