LeptiBurn is a product that promises to help consumers promote their weight loss and to break the point when they seem to fail losing any more weight. The manufacturer of this supplement is the company known as Biotrust. The product works by decreasing Leptin levels, a hormone responsible for fat burning and weight loss. Beside Leptiburn, Biotrust also offers a number of other products all of which can be bought from their official website. The latter is not very informative, as it contains no information on the ingredients and possible side effects of the supplement. However, you can find some details about the foundation of the company, their team and the company's work. You can also see contact information on Biotrust website. They are based out of Aurora, Colorado. I failed to find any details regarding the production and quality of their formulations.

The company has produced LeptiBurn since 2012. This weight loss supplement is claimed to regulate the production of leptin in the human body. This hormone controls your metabolism. However, this does not necessarily guarantee long term weight loss results. One may have more deeper health problems than just obesity. The manufacturer of this product tries to reassure that it is the best and most effective remedy in the whole world. However, there is lack of independent customer reviews on this product, so it can hardly be trusted. When I called the Leptiburn Support line, all I could talk to was an automatic voice giving me directions. The website contains rather irrelevant information. LeptiBurn is a pricey product, but can these diet pills help with weight loss? Let's try to answer this question by looking at the main ingredients in the supplement.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The first thing I was concerned about was the effectiveness of LeptiBurn ingredients. All of them lack scientific research, thus, the supplement is not very promising. One dieter reported that he has been using these pills for three months but he faced too scarce weight loss results. As far as I understood, one needs to do aerobic exercises every day to benefit from this product. Do not forget to eat right, too. Another dieter said that the pills seemed to reduce his hunger pangs, but he had not lost weight.

LeptiBurn does have some side effects despite the fact that the manufacturer claims that its is completely safe to use. One used said that after taking LeptiBurn for two days he had a headache. The probable reason was rehydration of his body. The official website of the product states that the ingredients are contained in the product in "scientific amounts". However, the website does not provide any studies. Caffeine in the supplement can be harmful for some people. Let us have a look at what real users are writing about their experience of using the product.

"Last weekend I bought LeptiBurn thinking that it was an honest company but I wasn't even given an opportunity to review the order before it was charged to my account. Their customer service was unavailable when I tried to contact them. So, I emailed them. They answered the next day saying that I could not cancel my order"

"Lepti Burn is the worst fat burner I have ever used. I felt too agitated after taking it. I think this happened due to the high amount of caffeine is LeptiBurn. Do not take this product in less than six hours before going to bed! I will never order this product again. I am taking diabetes drugs. Could this be the reason for my bad feelings?"

"I have taken Leptiburn for ten days. During this term, I developed light-headedness and indigestion. I eat only health food like wild fish, vegetables, grass-fed meats, a little fruit and natural fats. I also felt too energetic and suffered from irregular heartbeat due to the caffeine"